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Pot Pies and Woodsmoke

by Paul Sveum, Lost Creek Instructor for traditional skills and survival. Let’s say you love those frozen pot pies. The ones that when microwaved bubble over with goo that, beyond the limits of physics, heats up to near nuclear levels. … Continue reading

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Baja Mexico Travels

I just got back from Mexico. So what? You say. Rubbing it in our face? You say. Actually, I wanted to share some pics and invite you to join us next time! Lots more photos to come on our website. … Continue reading

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Getting around Baja Mexico

Greg from Lost Creek just got back from a scouting trip to southern baja where we will be leading kayaking trips in the near future. After some internet research on buses,vans, shuttles…. and then going there for ourselves, we found … Continue reading

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