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The Story Of Lost Creek…

The story of Lost Creek is one of connections… Greg Weiss is the owner/director of Lost Creek Adventures and folk School. He began his career teaching in the outdoors in 1993, and since then has worked with Outward Bound, Boulder … Continue reading

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The Wilderness Gym

Routine is the key to health and fitness. Sitting at a desk all day and then going to the gym for an hour before dinner has been shown to NOT increase your overall health. Loggers, coal miners, small farmers and … Continue reading

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Feathered vs. Un-feathered Paddles

I started whitewater kayaking in 1991, and at that time paddles had a 90 degree “set”, otherwise known as a feather. No one asked any questions. Example of straight or non-feathered blade, vs. 90 degree feather, or “set”. I started … Continue reading

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