The Story Of Lost Creek…

The story of Lost Creek is one of connections…

Greg Weiss

Greg Weiss, Owner/Director of Lost Creek Adventures & Folk School

Greg Weiss is the owner/director of Lost Creek Adventures and folk School. He began his career teaching in the outdoors in 1993, and since then has worked with Outward Bound, Boulder Outdoor Survival School, and several other organizations including one that he started with a friend. This work took him all over the North and South American continent leading survival trips, sea kayak expeditions, mountaineering trips, youth rehabilitation programs, and later on, planning, marketing, and then leading expeditions to the Ecuador rainforest to live and learn with the Huaorani natives.

It was a wonderful way to see the natural world and get paid a bit for doing it. But mostly it was the way he could try to teach connection.

Even though it seemed that the problems of the world were complicated, in the end it seemed to Greg that if people were connected to the land, physically, emotionally, spiritually… that many of the worlds problems wouldn’t happen in the first place. The idea was that if someone loved something how could they destroy it? It would be like destroying themselves. No one would do that!

This ideal, like everything in life, is born in ignorance. Ideals are black and white while life is not. However from his experience living and learning with people who still live by the old ways, there is something to it. Something modern human existence is missing. Something that all of the comforts and conveniences we have can’t make up for. Something that Greg knew deep down could help people, if they experienced it for themselves.

Greg started Lost Creek Adventures in 2011. Looking for a name he thought back to his original reason for starting this path in life. Connection. Greg’s land is at the headwaters of Lost Creek. This little waterway meanders from his now straw bale house, (across his driveway in the spring) and down several miles to Lake Superior. The name fit the mission, and the rest is history.

Lost Creek is a name that symbolizes our wandering connection to the natural world. It symbolizes the meandering adventure of life. It is a very real connection to how we treat the land and one another, because in the end, we all end up in the same place.

Lost Creek Logo

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