Romans’ Point

Cornucopia Wisconsin is the closest town to the most visited part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore; The Mawikwe Bay sea caves. What isn’t as well known is that just to the west lies another beautiful cliff and cave formation named after the Roman family that settled here close to 100 years ago.

View from a sea cave at Romans' Point.

View from a sea cave at Romans’ Point.

Locals also sometimes call this area “table rock” because of the areas that you can hop out of your boat and walk around while still in the water up to your knees. I’ve snorkeled around out here and found everything from old cast iron stoves to ice saws, probably 100 years old, preserved by the chilly waters. Did they fall off a boat? Maybe they were left out on the ice during the winter and forgotten when spring came.

Kayaking at Romans' Point

Kayaking at Romans’ Point

As far as kayaking goes, Romans Point is secluded, but a bit safer to paddle due to being protected from 3 directions from wind, and access to several take-outs. Our trips utilize sit-on-top (or SOT) kayaks, which are super-stable, and great for the shorter distances we paddle during this trip.

This is a great trip for anyone, including families with kids. We often put smaller kids on a tandem kayak with their parents or brother & sisters, to make a great triple. Not only is it fun, but on our guided trips the 3rd person goes for free!

Great scenery, caves, boats, snacks, and companionship make for an all-around great trip at Romans Point. To sign up for a guided trip, or to rent your own kayaks, please go to

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