Cornucopia Mountain Bike Trails

The Cornucopia area has some amazing terrain, with a 500 foot vertical drop from the sand trails at the top of the Bayfield Peninsula, to the clay, loam and then sandstone down near Lost Creek Falls.

But at this time there is no good maps of these trails. Below I try to explain a bit more about biking opportunities in our area, but  advise you to bring a GPS or map & compass to make sure you can make it back out. There are a LOT of trails and roads.

Cluster 1: Lost Creek Falls

There is a trail head off of “Trail Road”, about 2.5 miles south on Highway C from Cornucopia. This is a walking trail, but I have biked most of it. Only a few parts are too steep and slippery for biking. It could be cleared a bit more, and switchbacks added at the steep spots to make some really nice single track. At the end you come to a deep ravine with a small creek running through it. Drop the bike and take a walk down to Lost Creek Falls. There are actually several falls on this creek, for those willing to climb around a bit to find them. 2 miles round-trip

Cluster 2: Siskiwit Lake Loop

I call this a loop because your goal is to circumnavigate Siskiwit Lake, an inland body of water great for boating and fishing located about 5 miles south of Cornucopia. Take Highway C south to Siskiwit Lake Road, take the road about 2 miles. You will hit a T, make a left, hit another T, make another left and then immediately right in to the campground parking lot. From here you can head west and “just keep going left” on roads and trails until you eventually make the 9.5 mile loop back to your car. (So long as you make the correct lefts, otherwise it could add up to 12 miles or more.) Very pretty roads and trails with sandy berms and slight hills. Some sandy riding during dry spells, and clay mud puddles during wet spells. 9 to 12+ mile loop.

Cluster 3: Siskiwit Lake West

Also known as the “South Shore Trail” to ATVers and Snowmobilers, you take the above Siskiwit Lake Road, left at the T, but then at the next T make a RIGHT, and head straight until you see the power line cut. Park and bike the power line until you hit the multi-use trail. You can head left (south) for nice trails, or right (north) and have a 3 mile all downhill ride. Very fun going down, but I prefer a shuttle ride to get me back up as it’s a slog to ride up parts of Klemick Road, which is what the trail eventually dumps you on to.

That’s all for now! I’ll be adding more trail details and maps in the future.

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