Our Most Popular Blog Article

Our all-time most popular blog article is about how to resole mukluks. Not about adventure. Not about sea kayaking or great discounts, mukluks. But really it’s not about mukluks is it? It’s about how to repair something that has been worn or broken. It’s about crafting something for yourself when there is no one else who will do it for you.

This phenomenon reminds me of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s a theory of human motivation explaining what makes us do what we do.


At the base level of the pyramid it’s all about basic survival. On our most animal level we need to take care of breathing, eating, and staying at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Once that is taken are of we need to feel safe. To fight or flee perhaps. Maybe this is why people take guided sea kayak trips with us vs. going it alone.

But once those needs are met the pyramid goes on to say that our more human traits come out, eventually leading to self-actualization. This is figuring out who you really are.

These days it seems we have an app for everything and an answer for everything else. But I say the proof is in the pudding. What can you actually DO? What can you do for yourSELF to prove that you are even human? Heck any Monkey or Crow can learn to push buttons to get a result. (Not to debase Monkeys or Crows)

Learning a hands-on skill is FUN but not in an adrenaline producing way, but in a feeling of knowing who you are as a Homo sapiens, or “wise person”. It is a deep knowledge of not only yourself and what you are capable of, but a way to give back to your world by shaping it through this use of your hands.

We hope that you get to shape your world and experience this joy.

But if you don’t, or you want to learn a new way to experience it we created the Lost Skills Symposium series, with our first gathering being about how to make and use edged tools. Think about it. Without the knife where would you be as a species? Do you know how to make one? How to sharpen a knife or axe to a razors edge? Can you build other tools with your new tool? If not you should plan on joining us this spring at On Edge, A Lost Skills Symposium.


Filing a new knife blank


Find yourself, find out what you can do. You’ll never be the same!

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