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Our Most Popular Blog Article

Our all-time most popular blog article is about how to resole mukluks. Not about adventure. Not about sea kayaking or great discounts, mukluks. But really it’s not about mukluks is it? It’s about how to repair something that has been … Continue reading

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Traditional Winter Camping

Imagine journeying through a winter wilderness untracked by other travelers. The bugs have gone away along with the summer crowds, and what is left behind is a glimmering white expanse covering the frozen lakes and rivers. The silence of your … Continue reading

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Sharing Traditional Knowledge: Harvesting Black Ash

by Kathy Kae, originally published in the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission newsletter At black ash gatherings, Grandmothers smile as they hear the pounding of the log begin. You can see a happy look in their eyes as … Continue reading

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Pot Pies and Woodsmoke

by Paul Sveum, Lost Creek Instructor for traditional skills and survival. Let’s say you love those frozen pot pies. The ones that when microwaved bubble over with goo that, beyond the limits of physics, heats up to near nuclear levels. … Continue reading

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Winter Herbal Apothecary

By Gigi Stafne, MH, ND Open up the door to your medicine cabinet, take a look inside.  Are you ready for this winter?  Remember last year?  How quickly you forgot about the intense earache in the middle of the night, … Continue reading

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