To learn something new in life, we have to find a door to let ourselves in to it.

For learning about cooking, the door may be hunger or boredom. For learning about cars, the door may be the old jalopy you own that needs work or a sudden break-down. To learn about nature, one of the best doors is Tracking.

Tracking is not just about seeing tracks, but seeing the mystery and learning to ask the right questions to solve that mystery.

Below is this months tracking mystery. Who is it? what is it doing?


3 Responses to Tracking

  1. aj van beest says:

    It’s a 16-lb red fox with white markings on its back and a buck-two-thirty-eight in change in it’s left front pocket in full rotatory-gallop heading for the snoeshoe bunny breakfast bar. Said bunny was up at 03:17, out the warren door by 03:22, and noming on frozen wild raspberry cane by 04:12. I can tell by the cross-hatching of the pine needles under the snow…

    • aj van beest says:

      For all the goofiness in my guesstimate, though, that’s a pretty cool track. It’s not every day you come across something like that. Nice find! 🙂

      • Greg says:

        Is noming a word AJ? I’ve heard you use it before but wasn’t sure…

        Theres’ a good chance that this cat came by at night, yet the squirrel jumped by during daylight. Most likely never the twain have met. (is that right?)

        Anyway, tracks get more distinct the longer the animal stands (or sits) there. Yup, those are Bobcat butt prints you see there (not as distinct, since their butts are furry) then the hind feet, then the front larger feet. Normally cat prints are about the same size front and back, but since his/her weight was distributed by its’ butt, the hind feet didn’t have much pressure on them, while the front feet still carried the weight of its head and so were larger in track.

        Thanks for playing! Stay tuned! I’m teaching a tracking class for Northland College this winter and will be taking many more pics.

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