Survival Saws

How do you cut wood when you don’t have an axe or saw? Post your ideas here…


4 Responses to Survival Saws

  1. Many people break wood on the front of their knee. Unfortunately this is a bad idea as it can damage your tendons on the front of your knee. A better option is on the top of your leg, on the muscle. Still, there are better options.

  2. use the fork in a tree. Place your branch in the fork where you want it to break, and then pull. (You can push too, but this isn’t as safe.) Try it!

  3. Break it over a log. Yes, you can swing it hard to break it. This can be painful to your hands if it doesn’t break however, as the vibrations will sometimes be intense. The branch can also splinter and fragment, so make sure no one else is around…

  4. Muir Watson says:

    try leaning it against a standing or downed tree at a 45 degree angle and stomp on it for smaller sticks, larger logs can be burned through, the forked tree thing works well for small to medium wood.

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