Sea Kayaking

There is adventure in going it alone. Trying something new without any background in it. Buy a kayak and some gear and head out!

I did similar when I built my house. I had never built a house before and didn’t have any training in it. It took 7 years until I could move in and cost at least $5000 more in mistakes that I had to eventually fix. (actually woke up this morning thinking about these “good ‘ol times”)

Any new skill is the same. You can choose the “discovery” model of learning or take a few good classes. The latter will allow you to push your skills further and more quickly than going it alone and will most likely save you money in mistakes, whether those mistakes include hospital bills, helicopter flights, rescues, or just buying the wrong tools for the job.

Enjoy the articles, but please think about joining us at Lost Creek for some fun and learning on the water this summer.

T & X Rescue Page

Kayak Brace Recoveries Page

Paddle-Float Rescue Page

All Paddling Posts


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