T & X Rescue

The T/X rescue is a kayak & canoe rescue that requires an assisting boat. With practice it can be very effective which is why we teach this rescue to everyone who comes in to rent a kayak. It can be helpful to differentiate between the T and the X however, because though similar, they are each used in much different scenarios.

During the T rescue the boat is brought over the rescue boat, upside down, but does not need to be pulled all the way over, since the bulkhead behind the seat allows water to drain out without having to bring the boat all the way to the balance point.

During the X rescue the boat IS brought to the middle balance point, because there is no bulkhead. (or if one of your hatches comes off and fills with water) In this case you need to drain the water out via the cockpit or the open hatch. Due to the weight of the water in a boat without floatation, (at 8 lbs per gallon) performing an X rescue can be extremely difficult. Here’s to see a creative solution to getting a heavy boat up and balanced on the rescuers boat.

The most important thing you can do as a paddler is provide yourself and your boat with floatation; A life jacket for yourself and bulkheads or float bags for your boat.

The best rescue is not tipping in the first place (braces) or a self-rescue (roll) but when you can’t do either, you better have other options. Below is a video showing some of the basics.

Greg Weiss, ACA Kayak Instructor Trainer


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