In society we constantly hear of loss of jobs, loss of pensions, loss of opportunity. Hidden from the view of most people is a parallel loss of self-sufficiency, or in other words, the ability for people to make and grow what they need, instead of making money to BUY what they need.

The problem is, when you work for someone else most of your labor is going towards making THEM money. This is great for the few at the top, and it is not by accident that our economic system is set up this way.

When you are self-sufficient, most of your labor goes towards making you and your family the things you need. Some would argue that this would be bad for our economy. But with the continuing trend for the few to be making more and more while the many make less and less, it would seem that self-sufficiency would not only help lower your bills, but may become a necessary survival skill.

What do you think? What skills do you think are most important? Our Folk School will try to get it on the calendar…


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