Stand Up Paddleboarding

When I first heard of it, I scoffed. It’s just a fad. I’m a kayaker and have been for 20 years. I DON’T need a new watersport and more gear.

Well, after a couple of years I can now say that my SUP is the first “boat” I like to paddle in the spring. Sure there are limitations of wind and how much you end up getting wet (it’s cold here in the spring) it’s still a fun and simple sport to get up on. You just grab your board and paddle, and go!

Stand Up Paddleboard with Lost Creek this summer. If you like it you can purchase one of our fantastic pre-owned boards at the end of the season. Or, take a look at an article on how to go about getting your own!

We’ll have some of our own videos up soon, but for now check this out!


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