Places to SUP on the south shore of Lake Superior

We have some excellent Stand Up Paddling destinations on the south shore of Lake Superior. This page is dedicated to sharing some of them! If you have any recommendations please feel free to comment.

Romans Point & Lost Creek

WHAT ABOUT IT: Sea Caves, Calm warm-water estuary, wildlife, snorkeling…

HOW TO GET THERE: The best place to put-in is via Lost Creek Road, just west of Cornucopia, WI. Take Highway 13 west to Romans Point Rd. Take Romans Point Road until you hit a “T” and make a right. Make the next right on to Lost Creek Road. Park at the end (obeying the parking location signs, please. We want to be able to keep using this area!) The beach right out from the end of the road is public, as well as the point of beach across the creek. The rest is private beach.

OTHER THINGS TO KNOW: The Roman family owned the point during the last century. It is still mostly private. This means if you get into trouble and can find your way up to the top you will find a road not too far from the water. Cool arches and caves are mostly found on the west side of the point, about a 3 mile overall paddle to the caves and back. You can also paddle about 1/2 mile up Lost Creek until, well, it disappears!

Cranberry River

WHAT ABOUT IT: Mysterious river-way, bog lakes, pretty marina area…lots to explore!

HOW TO GET THERE: Take Hwy 13 to Port Wing, WI. You have to get to Lake Superior somehow. My suggestion is to take Lakeview Rd until you hit a 90 degree turn and take the dirt road off to the corner. Follow it several hundred feet until you get to the dead-end. Put-in here. Otherwise you can put in at the Port Wing marina.

OTHER THINGS TO KNOW: The Cranberry River flows in to Lake Superior. This sandy-bottomed and chilly river looks similar to a Mangrove swamp as you paddle up it. Without the crocodiles! Eventually you’ll come to a place where it’s too shallow to go further. Turn around and head back. From here there are lots of quiet water mini-lakes to explore. Belted Kingfisher, Hawks, Trout, Cormorants and more… You can also head out onto the big lake for some swell and surf. Nice beach!

Siskiwit Lake

WHAT ABOUT IT: Warm water, beaver lodges, camping on an island.

HOW TO GET THERE: Travel south from Cornucopia, WI via Hwy C approximately 5 miles to Siskiwit Lake Road. Turn onto Siskiwit and drive 2 miles to a “T”. Make a left and go to the next “T”. Make a left and then an immediate right into the campground. You can walk your board down the stairs. There is also a boat landing/dock about a mile to the east.

OTHER THINGS TO KNOW: When it’s windy or you’re looking for some warmer waters this is a great alternative. The lake has an island on it with free camping. (There’s actually another camping spot on an “island” on the west side of the lake that is no longer a true island, having been connected to the shoreline via some boggy plantlife. This lake is fairly warm in early June when the big lake is still 42! Beavers, Eagles, nice fishing.

Frog Bay Tribal National Park

More locations and photos coming soon…


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